Sunday, May 28, 2006

Travelblog - The Giant's Causeway

One word to describe this place - Amazing!

I simply can't get my head around the idea that this place is naturally formed.

The National Trust now own this along with a large part of the rest of the North Antrim coast, and they seem to be doing a good job of maintaining this unusal geological feature. Just one word of warning though...
I'm advised that the rather pricey £5 car park fee goes wholly to the lo
cal council and the Trust get not a penny of that, so please be sure to make a donation or join the National Trust when you are there.

Ava still seemed to manage to attract the attention a large number of the tourists. For some reason, she was an especially big hit with our American friends.

Although the holiday weather was superb, bright and sunny. I'm told that the Causeway actually looks best on a stormy day with waves crashing against the rocks. All the same, it was still fantastic in the afternoon sun.

For more information about the Giant's Causeway, I'd recommending starting with the Wikipedia entry.


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