Monday, February 27, 2006

British Humour

I work with a nice Japanese guy.
Today on the way out of the office he was explaining to me that he was having a problem with his Nissan Micra - turns out that he'd lost a hubcap. Anyway, I asked him where he was going to get a replacement and he told me in his Japanese accent "Nissan main dealer"

This in itself is not an exciting or amusing story - unless you have previously heard this joke - in which case you'll understand why it brought a wry smile to my face to hear him say it in his accent.

I should point out that trying to explain British Ironic Humour to Japanese colleagues is a task we struggle with at times. The old classic about an inflatable lobster and inflatable pair of teeth is still currently beyond translation and explanation.

Incidentally, you can buy an inflatable lobster in a few places but I've not yet found a source for an actual pair of inflatable teeth (sorry inflatable lips don't count!)
If anyone knows where you can get some, please let me know as it'd make a great present for a Japanese friend.


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