Sunday, February 19, 2006

Un-equal Opportunities

This is true - although it sounds like a joke:
I noticed an advertisement on the notice board at work for a job this week - something to do with Marketing.

Two of the requirements are:
  1. A keen eye for detail
  2. A full driving license, as the job entails driving

This all seems perfectly normal...
But then at the bottom of the ad they've added a statment that reads:

"Should you wish to have a copy of this advertisement in a different format (e.g. braille) please contact Mrs Smith" (name changed to protect the not-so-innocent)

Firstly, I'm none too sure if a braille reader would have a keen eye for detail, or make such a good driver.
But also - if somebody did need a braille copy, then how would be able to read the original ad in the first place to know they could get a version in braille??

I'm thinking of going in with a white stick and sunglasses and applying for the job - just to see the look on their faces!


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