Saturday, July 22, 2006

Travelblog - York

Took my favourite mother-in-law to York for a day trip. The place is really great, although the weather wasn't the best, it went from grey to damp to wet to thunder, lightning and soaking.

Fortunately for me, I had just purchased a Tilley hat, and I'm pleased to say that the nice people at Cotswold Outdoors in Harrogate could accommodate my fat head size!

The hat worked wonders, I walked round the place in my hat, tee shirt and shorts, staying quite dry under the brim, frequently passed by dampened druken groups of stags who all thought it was hilarious to say "G'day" to me. Well, laugh now they might, but he who laughs last.... you see, I know what's in store for them - years of marriage!!!!

Only kidding, I'm very happily married to my lovely wife, I just don't think that either of us realised that we got each others in-laws as part of the bargain!! Les Dawson eat your heart out!


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